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Free E-Commerce Websites: 4 Trends That Will Define Your Online Store Success In 2018 And Beyond

Owning an e-commerce website free or paid is the 21st-century rush. The virtual market has become a goldmine that every entrepreneur desires to secure a portion. With digitization and globalization, it is now easier to set up an online store and sell to customers across the globe. You do not need to have stationed brick and mortar stores. All you require are a well-designed website and shipping mechanism.

However, the digital arena is not static. Changes take place every day. For you to be a success, whether you are using a free e-commerce website or a self-hosted one, you must adapt and align your site with the prevailing trends. With this in mind, here are the four trends you need to know about that will shape the e-commerce arena in 2018 and beyond:

Video marketing

Content marketing is developing. Apart from writing high-quality articles and copywriting, videos are becoming the convenient method of passing on information about your products to target customers. As you might be aware, audiences especially the millennial are giving reading materials a blackout. People no longer have time to go through 10,000 words page. All they need is to access the content quickly for decision making.

By this, the videos are turning out to be a reliable tool in e-commerce marketing. For this reason, when thinking of creating a free e-commerce website, you should ensure that your platform of choice allows you to upload video content. Some of the areas you will need videos are headlines, product explainers, and homepages.

Multi-channel integration

In 2017, e-commerce grew to a new phase. More online stores are now embracing multi-channel e-commerce. The idea behind this approach is you turn every customer contact point into a selling point. Also, it involves enabling customers to buy your products without switching to your website. If you met them on Facebook, they buy the product right from the platform as they continue to chat with their peers.

In this essence, as a budding entrepreneur looking forward to going online, you need to ensure your free e-commerce website provider provides you with multi-channel integration features. Otherwise, relying on your online store sales alone will hinder your growth plan and achievement of the organizational goals. Read more onĀ 

Social proof as a pillar in purchase decisions

Standing out in your niche through having a killer theme and SEO-optimized website does not turn to equal purchases. You can receive high web traffic and low conversion rates. Alternatively, your site might be receiving small traffic with high conversations. What might be the devil in the house? Well, the answer is social proof. Unlike olden days, your customers want to know the view of people who are using your products before making purchase decisions.

So, even though you are running a free e-commerce website, you must ensure that the builder you are using allows to you to upload customer reviews. Importantly, you can integrate your social media page with the site. This way, you will have genuine reviews that will enable you to succeed in the virtual platform in 2018 and beyond.

Multi-device shopping

Last few years witnessed a growth in the number of online shoppers. Also, online stores increased. These scenarios will continue taking shape in 2018. However, one thing that will transform e-commerce businesses is multi-device shopping. Unlike before when your customers were using PC to do their shopping, smartphones are the new shop windows. Make sure your ecommerce website comes with a content management system (CMS). Read more on how to create web pages and blog posts for your website.

As more customers continue owning smartphones and tablets, they are turning them into shopping devices. What this means to a modern entrepreneur like you is: you need to make your e-commerce site responsive to these devices. Whether you are using the free e-commerce website builders or host options, ensure that your customers can access your site without any challenges.