Easy tips for building your first e-commerce website


In today’s world, many internet driven consumers spend a right amount of their time looking for the best online traders and deals. As a trader, you should consider coming up with ways which can help you take advantage of this new consumer trend, one of them being opening up and running an e-commerce website.

While the idea of building an e-commerce website from the ground up might sound scary and intimidating to some, the truth is that has never been simpler for a novice to launch a professional e-commerce website that allows him to process sales. So where do you start? What comes first? Which tools do you use? Here’s a summary of answers to all these and many other questions which you might be having on the same.

Identify and choose the right platform

The first step involves selecting the right website building platform. Currently, there are many content management systems or merely online engines which allow websites to run. The two best options which are easy to operate as recommended by experts are WordPress and Joomla. A third option which you can also consider is Drupal.

Select a hosting provider

This is the point where many people lose focus, so pay more attention to the step and ensure you make the right choice. A web host is a company that connect websites to the internet. So, as much as you will be able to build whatever site you want using the suggested platforms, you will require the services of a web host to go live. Currently, there are so many hosting providers around. Bluehost, HostGator, Ipage, Justhost, GoDaddy are just some of the many options you should consider.

Choose a theme

Depending on the platform you choose, browse and pick an idea that best suits your objectives and potential clients taste. While you might quickly find lots of free themes that may do the trick, it is advisable to spend some time going through the excellent options as well. The latter option comes typically with customisation features and richer functionality.

Start designing

Finally, start putting everything in place and trying out each feature to ensure they work as expected. Thankfully, if you followed each of the steps above well, this process will not be as stressful or time-consuming as it could be. When designing, focus on the websites functionality, speed and simplicity. E-commerce shoppers value these three things and will quickly fall in with your site ones they discover it meets their expectations.


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